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Weightlifting Knee Wraps

  • Knee Wraps help support the knees during heavy lifting or during the injury recovery rehab process.

    By applying tension, the wraps help reduce the weight applied to the body when the material is stretched. This allows you to lift heavier weight and support the knee during training.

     These Pure Cut Knee Wraps Will Give You...

    • ADDITIONAL LEG STRENGTH, SUPPORT, AND STABILITY: Feel the added strength during your workouts from the very first use. These knee wraps will help you increase your leg strength during squats, leg press, or any other intense leg workout
    • GOOD FOR YOUR KNEES: These knee wraps improve the support and stability during heavy leg workouts. They increase workout performance, add compression, and prevent possible injuries from heavy lifting.
    • PUSH YOUR BOUNDARIES: Since our wraps provide tight knee compression during your exercises, you'll be able to lift more weight. Use this as a chance to break PR's, increase your overall strength, and improve your maxes.