Ultimate Preworkout Stack

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This versatile stack is for the true lifters out there. You're in the gym busting your ass day and night, and you want something that'll give you the boost to take every workout to the max. Having both preworkouts will allow you to pick and choose your dosages based off of the workout you have planned for the day.

Lifting late at night? Awesome, take the Perma Pump and get after it.

Didn't sleep much, but you're still at the gym at the crack on dawn? You're a boss! Use the boost of energy from the Cocaine Preworkout to help fuel your workout.

You can also adjust your dosages based off of what body part you're hitting. Personally, I don't like a huge pump in my shoulders because I feel like it restricts the range of motion, so on those days I'll take the Cocaine Preworkout. But on a chest or arm day you better believe I'm breaking out that Perma Pump to really get the blood flowing!