Velcro Lifting Belt

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  • UNPADDED 4 INCH NYLON - This means that there is no additional padding such as foam that is used. This allows the belt to provide maximum stability in the core without foam providing a cushion. Comfort is not sacrificed, this belt can easily be worn during an entire workout.
  • QUICK TIGHTEN CLOSURE - A large section of hook-and-loop allows you to quickly tighten or loosen the belt as needed between sets. We suggest adjusting the belt to suit the amount of support you need for each individual set. This will allow your core muscles to stay activated and support is adjustable depending on the weight being used.
  • DURA-LIFE NYLON MESH - A thick nylon mesh is ultra durable and should provide years and years of support without failure. Nylon is known to be much more durable than cotton while being less rigid than leather. A perfect combination for a weight lifting belt.

Large: Waist Size: 30-34"

Extra Large: Waist Size: 34-38"