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As a new NFL season *hopefully* kicks off soon, we're hosting another fantasy pick-em challenge for ya! This was a blast last year, and it was a hard-fought battle til the end. This year we've upped the prizes, so the stakes are even higher!

What Is A Pick Em Challenge?

Each week you'll select the teams you think will win their NFL games.

If you don't know a ton about football, don't worry! CBS automatically tells you which team is favorited to win the game, so you could always just pick the favorites (I recommend switching up a few of them though)!

What Are The Prizes?

1st Place = $100 Gift Card

2nd Place = $75 Gift Card

3rd Place = $50 Gift Card

Any Special Rules?

You can see the full list of rules on the CBS site. But here are some notable ones:

- Picks are due 5 minutes before kickoff

- Playoffs are included in this league

- If a person doesn't make selections for a week, they'll be rewarded the lowest number of points minus 1. So if someone made selections and only got 4 games right, anyone who didn't make them will get 3 points.

- I'll be picking for the Pure Cut Team, but that's just for bragging rights. If we end up in the top 3, we'll be skipped and the prizes will go to the next team.


Click Here To Join

It's free to play, and the season starts on September 10th so make your first week of picks before then! Invite your friends, and good luck!

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