Do You Need Preworkout To Lift?

Do You Need Preworkout To Lift?

tl;dr - no you don't NEED them to lift. But they'll help you have more intense workouts and improve recovery.

Alright, here's the full scoop... Get it?! Scoop, as in preworkout scoop...

What Is Preworkout?

Optimizing your workouts depends on a few different factors. You want to plan out a solid workout routine, eat a well balanced diet, and get enough sleep and recovery between sessions.

Getting those things on track will be an amazing base for your workout lifestyle. If you have those factors in check, you'll be setting yourself up for success. Once you're making healthy lifestyle choices and maximizing your workouts, you may want to consider taking a preworkout or some other supplements to help you improve your gains. Preworkout supplements contain ingredients to help with energy, focus, blood flow, recovery, strength, etc. These will give you more effective workouts, resulting in improved strength and endurance.

Will Preworkout Actually Help?

You may be wondering if a preworkout can actually get you to workout harder and make you stronger. The answer is: yes if it has the right ingredients and dosages! Studies have shown certain preworkout supplements and their ingredients can improve the positive outcomes of a workout.

Various ingredients have been proven to delay fatigue, improve reaction time and muscular endurance, increase focus, and enhance overall muscular output during a workout. All of these factors mean better workouts and faster results. But remember, you still need to put in the reps!

So, if you want to have more energy, improve your focus, increase endurance, and enhance your workouts, getting a good preworkout can help with all of these aspects. 


Are Preworkout Supplements For Me?

This answer will depend on a few factors. Is your goal to go into the gym for some light stretching and an easy workout? There's nothing wrong with that, but a preworkout won't provide much of a benefit for that.

If you're someone who takes training serious and really wants results, a preworkout can improve this process. Preworkout can help you get your mind focused on the mission at hand; which is dominating your workouts. It can also help you push past the inevitable soreness from the previous workouts.

If you feel the need for an energy boost at the gym, or have a strict workout routine to follow, you're a prime candidate for a preworkout supplement. A preworkout won't do all of the work for you though! You still need to get into the gym consistently and push yourself to the limit. Take time to recover afterwards, follow a proper diet, and don't forget to take a rest day every now and then!

If you're highly sensitive to caffeine, or don't like the feeling you get from stimulants, there's alternative preworkouts you can look into. These are often called "non stim preworkouts" or "pump products" and will contain ingredients to help with blood flow, focus, and strength, without the additional energy you feel from stimulants.

Here's A Checklist To See If Preworkout Is Right For You :

You're want to build endurance:
Building endurance requires reps and consistency. You'll need to push your limits on a regular basis to avoid hitting a plateau. A preworkout can help you lift for longer and workout harder, which will improve endurance in the long run.

You need help focusing:
Do you easily get distracted in the gym, or forget which set you're on? One recommendation is to try to cut out any distractions. Turn your phone on "do not disturb", and stay focused on the workout. A preworkout can also help with focus and mind muscle connection.

You're starting to feel fatigued:
It happens to all of us. We go to school, work, run errands, AND try to get in a workout. If you're feeling tired or fatigued, but still want to train, a preworkout can help give you the energy to push through that session. 

You're starting to lack motivation:
Last week you were ready to take on the world, this week you don't even want to workout. It takes motivation and dedication to make it into the gym each day. Motivation is what keeps you pushing through the pain of a workout, and getting those extra reps. A preworkout supplement can improve your mood and boost your motivation for going to the gym. After all, showing up is half the battle!

You need to recover faster:
Science shows preworkout supplements can help reduce the muscle breakdown during a workout. Since you're tearing the muscle fibers in order to grow them, this can lead to post workout soreness. A preworkout can help improve bloodflow, making you less sore and improving your recovery time betweeen sessions.


So If You're Ready For A Preworkout:

I recommend checking out the options we have on our site. For each supplement we list out the ingredients and what each of them do. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at


We Have 3 Different Preworkout Options For You:

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