Become A VIP Member

Become A VIP Member

Become A VIP

When you become a Pure Cut VIP, you get some pretty awesome perks. This includes exclusive access to our weekly texts, and first dibs on product launches.

People look forward to getting these texts every week, and they'll quickly become your favorite notifications as well. These two texts are guaranteed to keep you going strong.

Text "FIT" to +1 (844) 749-4747 to sign up for free.

On Monday morning, you'll get a quick motivational message that'll have you fired up. You'll be ready to run through a wall, demolish your workouts, and make the most of every day.

On Fridays, we'll send you a new workout challenge to try over the weekend. They'll usually be quick, so you can work them into your Saturday or Sunday routine.

We all know our 1 rep maxes for bench, squats, and deads, so these challenges will make you try new exercises and push yourself even harder.

You'll also get first dibs on product launches and new releases.

If this sounds like something you need in your life...

Text "FIT" to +1 (844) 749-4747


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