New Product Launch

New Product Launch

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A Launch is Coming...

Since the start of 2020 we were working on an amazing launch for you. Over the past 4 years we've gained traction and started to establish ourselves as one of the most transparent brands in the industry, so it's time to take over. This launch will be our biggest move to date.

The Products...

I can't give away all the juicy details, but these products have been highly requested based on the collective feedback of our customers. We formulated some cutting edge supplements with the purest ingredients possible. After extensive testing, tweaks, and flavor adjustments. We narrowed it down.

Once we got the formulas and flavors down we started working on the new labels. A fresh new look with some updates was definitely in order.

Supplement product designs. Choosing supplements labels. Pure cut supplements preworkout product launch 2020.

The Design Stage...

Our old labels looked good, but there's always room for improvement. We looked over every square inch of our current labels to see what design edits were needed to make to give it a clean and consistent overall look. One goal is that have someone look at a tub and instantly recognize that it comes from Pure Cut Supplements.

This back and forth design process took a few weeks, putting us in the middle of February. Then we started planning the production and launch dates and were aiming for April 1st for the launch.

Preworkout label design. Hard hitting intense preworkout.

The Production Stage...

Getting the ingredients together and setting up manufacturing for multiple products and flavors takes a lot longer than you might imagine. As we made our way into March it was evident that production would be paused so it was either try to rush things, or push back the launch. So we decided to push back the launch so we can do things the right way.

Supplement tub in a gym. Preworkout jar for fitness. Pure cut supplements.

The Launch Date...

That takes us to today!

Based on the current timeline, our new product launch should be ready to go in about 4-6 weeks, aka late May to early June.

This launch is going to be insane, and did I mention it'll be our biggest launch to date?! In the past we've only released one new product at a time, so this in a huge step for us as a company.

The Juicy Details..

Here's what you can look forward to...

  • New products
  • New flavors
  • An updated pump product formula
  • A new preworkout variation
  • Something that'll go great in your smoothies

The Sale...

We're clearing out some of our current inventory to make room for these new supplements. So you can use the code "LASTCHANCE" to get 15% off any of our supplements.

Whether you're an OG back from 2016 when we started, or you're new to the Pure Cut Family. Thank you for letting us help you hit your fitness goals, and crushing PR's every workout. 

- Nick Flint, CEO + Fellow Lifter 🏋🏼‍♂️

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