The Pushup/Pullup Challenge

The Pushup/Pullup Challenge

The Pushup/Pull-up Challenge

Complete The Following Exercises Every Minute

10 Pushups
5 Pull-Ups

Keep Going To Failure


How To Do This Challenge:

This challenge seems easy, but the reps add up quickly. Here's the setup:

- Set a timer to beep every minute

- Hit start, and do 10 pushups, followed by 5 pull-ups

- You can rest/stretch the rest of the minute

- When the timer beeps again, do another 10/5

- Your time is up when you fail to complete the 10/5 before the minute is over

- So if the timer beeps for the next minute and you still haven't completed your pushups and pull-ups, that's how far you made it

GOAL: See if you can do this for 20 minutes straight!

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