What Is A "High Stim Preworkout"

What Is a High Stim Pre-Workout?

Unless you are up on the lingo and familiar with pre-workout supplements, you may not know exactly what a high stim pre-workout drink is. Let’s break it down so even those that do not take pre-workout supplements will understand. 

Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements generally contain a good amount of caffeine to get the individual slightly pumped up as they enter the gym. Whether they are strength training or doing cardio, there are workout fiends who insist they need a pre-workout supplement for the ultimate fitness results. 

How Much Caffeine?

A regular pre-workout supplement will usually contain 150 to 200 mg of caffeine. In contrast, a 12 ounce can of Coke contains 34 mg of caffeine. A cup of coffee will generally have anywhere from 80 to 100 mg of caffeine. So as you can see, a regular pre-workout drink has quite a bit more caffeine than these other drinks that people often assume are high in caffeine as well. 

With this in mind, a high stimulant pre-workout supplement will usually contain 300 mg or more of caffeine. With these numbers, you can see that these high stim pre-workout supplements are nothing to disregard. The amount of caffeine they contain is quite high. 

Benefits to High Stim

There are plenty of benefits associated with caffeine. For instance, it is the number one used nootropic (smart drug) around the world as caffeine has been shown to increase focus and concentration. These things definitely help during an intense workout. 

Caffeine has also been shown to increase stamina and provide an energy boost as well. This could take an average workout and ramp it up into something you will be bragging about to your friends and family the next day. 

Things to Be Aware Of

Just like many supplements on the market, there are things that a person should be aware of before they start making high stim pre-workout drinks part of their everyday strategy for getting the most bang possible at the gym. 

As an example, if you usually train at night, taking a high stim pre-workout once you are hitting the gym could lead to you not being able to fall asleep until well past your bedtime. And since your body needs sleep to heal and grow, you are not doing it any favors by reducing your sleep time. 

Taking a high amount of caffeine can also increase your heart rate, cause dehydration, and increase blood pressure. 

By being aware of the concerns of taking a high stim pre-workout then you can know what to look for if you have side effects. 

Find the Magic Number

If you are a person that makes the most gains in the gym when you do have a pre-workout, determine exactly what your magic number is pertaining to milligrams and caffeine. After all, you do not want to go zero to 100 with your heart beating out of your chest in your effort to become more healthy. 

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