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Mind Over Matter; Featuring 3 Tough Exercises


What You'll Need:

- A jumprope

- A wall

- A yoga mat (optional)


The Rules For The Challenge:

Mind over matter is huge when it comes to working out. It can help you finish a set strong, hit an extra rep, or run a little longer without taking a walk break. Conquering your mental game is crucial, so we're timing 3 exercises this week to help you increase your mind over matter power.

You're going to do just 1 max set of planks, wall sits, and jump rope. Do each one for as long as you possibly can, and then add all 3 times up at the end. Really grind out the seconds, and focus on giving it your all.

Example: First you do a 2:20 plank, then a 3:10 wall sit, and finally you jump rope for 1:30 before messing up. This would make your total time 7:00.

You can then keep working on these exercises and  re-test in the future to try to beat your old record!


Bonus Tips:

- Find something to distract yourself during the sets to make time go faster

- Always try to push an extra 5 or 10 seconds before you collapse. Over three exercises, that seconds will really add up!

- Do some short practice sets for each one to warm up

- Do with it a buddy so you're going head to head with someone. A little competition will help you push even harder!

Good luck!


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