6 Unique Chest Exercises

When it comes to growing your chest and increasing your bench, a few OG exercises come to mind; pushups, barbell bench, flies, dumbbell presses. These are all excellent and should be staples in any chest or push day.

Now if you're looking to switch things up, or are looking to target different areas of your chest, I've put together 6 exercises for you to try out during your next chest day.


Exercises In The Video:

1.) DB Press Dropset- Hit 4-5 reps per "set" and have a partner drop your bench down 1 notch at a time. Start completely vertical so you're doing a shoulder press, and then work your way down.

2.) 4 Sets of Flat Bench- Your goal is to hit an equal number, or more reps each set as they get "easier".
Rep: All the way down, up to 3/4, down to 1/4, all the way up
Rep: Pause at the bottom, pause at the middle, all the way up
Rep: Single pause at the bottom
Rep: Touch & go

3.) Chest Squeezes- you can squeeze your hands, a medicine ball, or some 5 or 10 lb plates together. Focus on squeezing as hard as you can for 10-15 seconds per set.

4.) Single Arm Cable Flies- focus on the final portion of the movement where your hand crosses over the middle of your chest. Really flex your pec here and keep pushing!

5.) Medicine Ball Pushups- put on hand on the medicine ball, do a pushup, and then roll it to your other arm.

6.) Dumbbell Floor Presses- use these to help with your bench lockout. Take off as much tension as possible at the bottom of the rep to help with explosiveness

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