Chomps Snack Stick Taste Test

What's up Pure Cut Fam! We just got in some new meat sticks, so I had to put the flavors to the test, with the help of my doggo Tilly of course!

If you want to watch the full video, the link is below. Feel free to subscribe while you're there!

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If you're strapped on time and can't watch the full video, here's a quick summary of the four flavors. Although I recommend watching it when you get a chance to get the full Chomps experience!

Original Beef- My favorite! Amazing texture, not too spicy, overall good taste.

Original Turkey- The healthiest! Only 60 calories per stick instead of 90 like the other ones. If you're really tracking your calories, this is the one for you.

Salt and Pepper Venison- The Uniquest! Not too peppery or too salty, the taste was jusssst right.

Jalapeño Beef- The most spice and most flavor! The flavor wasn't overwhelming though like some other jalapeño snacks can be.

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