How To Get Your First Muscle Up

Muscle Ups are definitely one of the more advanced bodyweight exercises out there. And the people who are really good at them make them look effortless! How the heck do they do that?!

I'm here to let you in on a secret, even the muscle up pros started by hitting just 1. If you can hit 10 strict pullups, you're strong enough to do at least one muscle up. If you need to work on pullups first, I recommend checking out this video.

Watch the video below to learn the technique to get your first muscle-up, along with 3 exercises to help you build up the strength and confidence to rep them out.



Muscle Up Training Exercises:

1.) Jumping Muscle Ups- find a lower bar, or use a box to help yourself up. The harder you jump, the easier the muscle up will be. As you get comfortable repping these out, jump lighter so your upper body is doing more of the work.

2.) Banded Muscle Ups- wrap a band around the bar and place your foot through. The negative resistance of the band will help you get the motion down and help you rep them out.

3.) Explosive Pull-Ups- do a pullup as hard as you can to try to get your chest above the bar. After all, explosiveness is a key part to hitting these muscle ups!

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