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Switch Up Your Workouts

Working Out Can Get Boring

There, I said it! If you've been lifting for awhile, you might be tired of the same old same old routine. So here's some of the techniques I use in the gym to help keep things fresh. 


Here's the ways to switch you your workouts:

- Writing your workout down before you get there. Don't leave until you hit everything you planned.

- Use the same weight for supersets. Back to back, no rest in between.

- Change the tempo of your reps. Some faster, some slower.

- Hit abs between sets

- Measure time instead of reps. "Most reps in a minute" or "Every minute, on the minute"

- Combine movements. Turn 2 exercises into one fluid motion.

- Abs + stability with exercises.

- Cardio between sets. Jump rope, toe tap, sprints, burpees, jumping jacks.

- A single exercise between other exercises

- Measure max reps per set/day. Gauge your progress and try to hit more in the future.

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