Pure Super Greens


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Samuel M
Red powder, not green

Turns out the powder is red, probably because of the fruits mixed in there with the greens. Smells like cut grass, but actually tastes really good

Eli Young
Pleasantly Surprised

I thought it would taste gross like all of the other greens I’ve tried, but this one was on point. I think it’s because it has fruits too, which makes it taste good

Miguel R
Recommended highly!

I’ve bought several different “super greens” and this is the only one I buy again and again. I noticeably feel better after using this. Love the earthiness not sweet or cloying. Give it a week, you’ll feel great!

Dominic Flint
Great product!

This is definitely the best greens powder I've taken. I've tried a handful of others, but this is the only one that I truly enjoy. This purchase makes my third tub. It makes as well, actually tastes good, and has great ingredients. This will be something I continue to take regularly.

Cody J
I like this brand

It would be nice if it was certified but it is made in the USA and I don't think food products can be sold if they don't meet requirements. I am able to drink this in water or in a smoothie. Good either way.