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Look at that label!

Great lineup of ingredients and dosages. Basically the perfect combo for anyone looking for a fat burner and preworkout combined 🔥

Pure Gains Creatine
Tina Flynn
Bulk Mode: Engaged

Use it while I’m bulking, helps me add muscle and strength (and the size stays on after I stopped taking it).

Gonna use it for my next bulking cycle again

I’m in watermelon heaven

Geez this flavor is fricken amazing, 10/10 taste for sure.

Bonus points for the scoop being on the top when I opened it!

Pure Super Greens
Samuel M
Red powder, not green

Turns out the powder is red, probably because of the fruits mixed in there with the greens. Smells like cut grass, but actually tastes really good


This is forreal one of the strongest pre’s I’ve ever tried. Haven’t felt a pre kick in like this is probably 5+ years. I add a scoop of Pure Gains to my shaker too, so maybe that has something to do with it

Goes Gteat With The Pure Hype

1 scoop Gains + 1 scoop Hype = Ultimate Preworkout Powder!!!!

Great intra workout powder

I’ll sip on this during my sets while I’m at the gym. I def feel less sore after heavier workouts ever since I started taking this regularly

Get The Stack Instead

I’d recommend spending a little more to get the stack with the greens. It’s helped me keep my diet on point while the Shred keeps me working out hard

The Fit Stack
Eli Young
Solid stack for weight loss

Greens in the morning, shred in the afternoon before my workout. Solid stack to help if you’re trying to lose weight

Pure Super Greens
Eli Young
Pleasantly Surprised

I thought it would taste gross like all of the other greens I’ve tried, but this one was on point. I think it’s because it has fruits too, which makes it taste good

Best mixed greens ever !

I love these greens ! I like to add this to about 20 fl oz of water and it tastes great to me ! I add this to supplement my smoothies as well and it blends smoothly. Great product overall- would highly recommend!

Amazing Product but Always out of Stock

I would give this a 5/5 and the only reason I haven't is because It is almost always out of stock, I don't know if the manufacturing process is slow or they are just doing this for marketing purposes to create a high demand but It's nearly impossible to get your hands on this pre workout even on other websites. Besides that the product is amazing at burning fat if you take it accordingly and put in the work. Every single ingredient in this pre workout is in the right dose; not too much and definitely not underdosed. The Tropical Paradise Flavor is a 10/10 and unlike other pre workouts It doesn't feel like I'm drinking warm p*ss, the price is very reasonable for 30 scoops. Overall Pure Shred Pre workout is one of the best, if not The BEST pre workout I've ever taken and would highly recommend it to others, the only problem with the product is how slow the production/distribution is.

My favorite preworkout by fat

The flavor, intensity, and focus are incredible! But the biggest respect is that THE SCOOP WAS ON TOP.


Tasted good and no crash at the end

very solid pre-workout with no crash

I'm not really into a ton of supplements, especially not pre-workouts. I have a decently high caffeine tolerance so I never had an issue with that. However, I never really got too much out of other brands that I've tried such as Cellucor C4 or Pro Supps Mr. Hyde. I take this before every work out now whether it be a run day, big deadlift day or even sometimes before a yoga session. I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new supplement to try out! Looking forward to trying more products, and hopefully seeing more flavors in the near future. I will certainly purchase this again.

Change of pace sup

Great taste and mixes very easily. Adds an edge your workout, whether cardio or weights. A good add to you sup rotation to mix it up.


I’ve used a ton of preworkouts and this is my new favorite! Good energy and focus to get me through my workouts. It tastes amazing and there’s no crash afterwards either. If you want a solid all around preworkout, definitely give this one a shot

Consistent pump with no crash

I have consistently been using this product to help motivate me for every workout, even the ones that I don’t feel like doing. The non-stim aspect gives you continuous energy for your day without worrying about a crash or getting the jitters, and the taste is amazing too.

Mixes very well

Surprising good tasting! Not overly sweet and taste like a sour gummy. Mixes extremely well in water and no clumps. Would definitely purchase again.

Tastes Great

I have been using BCAA everyday and really wanted to jump into adding some creatine into my workout routine. This one tastes really good and is easy to mix. I just add in my workout water bottle with water and ice. I just shake and it is great with no clumping. I really like it.

Super Sour in a good way

Things can go in every direction with a creatine flavor but you can count on this being sour. I actually like the difference between this and the sweet types. At the end of the day this is still a supplement and you will taste some grittiness.
I also feel a good boost of energy with this especially in the first few doses. I think it's good to go though. You'll enjoy that "too much muscle for your skin" feeling when you flex.

Very happy overall

Very good quality

Pure Super Greens
Miguel R
Recommended highly!

I’ve bought several different “super greens” and this is the only one I buy again and again. I noticeably feel better after using this. Love the earthiness not sweet or cloying. Give it a week, you’ll feel great!

Pure Super Greens
Austin P
Great product!

This is definitely the best greens powder I've taken. I've tried a handful of others, but this is the only one that I truly enjoy. This purchase makes my third tub. It makes as well, actually tastes good, and has great ingredients. This will be something I continue to take regularly.

I like this brand

It would be nice if it was certified but it is made in the USA and I don't think food products can be sold if they don't meet requirements. I am able to drink this in water or in a smoothie. Good either way.