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The Athlete Stack

Pure Hype Flavor
Pure Super Greens Flavor
Pure Gains Flavor
  • No matter your sport, to be a true athlete, you have to excel in multiple areas. These three supplements combined can help with endurance, strength, power, explosiveness, and more! 

    Pure Hype High Stim Preworkout

    Pure Hype is a preworkout formulated to help you get the most out of every gym session. This potent combination of ingredients will have you breaking through plateaus, and crushing your old PR’s!

    Each ingredient in Pure Hype was selected to give you the perfect workout. What does that mean for you? Each time you take this preworkout you’ll experience...

    ✅  Smooth energy keeping you alert and dialed in during your workout, with ZERO crash afterward.

    ✅  An increase in focus to help with your mind-muscle connection during every set.

    ✅  Improved blood flow to accelerate muscle growth and give you insane pumps.

    ✅  A boost in strength that’ll have you breaking PR’s left and right.

    Pure Gains Creatine Complex

    Pure Gains is for those that want to break beyond their current physique and unlock new gains. We kept things simple with this formula, because sometimes simple is best.

    What does this mean for your workouts? An improved training potential with performance in mind. Push beyond your physical limits to discover new gains and increase strength and reps.

    🧬  Increase Lean Muscle & Strength

    🧬  Improve Muscular Output & Power

    🧬  Support Recovery Between Workouts

    🧬  Decrease Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

    Pure Super Greens Powder

    Pure Super Greens are made from real fruits and greens, and they're packed with essential micronutrients and digestive enzymes to optimize your daily nutrition. These nutrients support the immune system by providing a fruit and vegetable blend with unrivaled antioxidant capacity. 

    This powder comes from kale, broccoli, spinach, cranberries, apples, and blueberries. Real ingredients that help you restore your proper pH balance, promote natural energy, and support a healthy immune system. 

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  • Pure Hype High Stim Preworkout Supplement Facts

    Pure Super Greens Powder Supplement Facts

    Pure Gains Creatine Complex Powder Supplement Facts

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best stuff I've had

Had my first dose of pure hype and greens this morning what a way to start the week. I feel really great had a nice workout best I've had since I was 21

Great all around stack

I play football so I'm trying to get stronger and bigger. So far these supps are helping out for sure. My workouts are better when I take the pre, and I'm feeling stronger with the Pure Gains. I think the greens are just a bonus to help my diet as well. Turned a few teammates onto this stack as well and they're diggin it too

Appreciate that Gage, good luck with your season!

Great for gaining muscle

I love each of these 3 supps by themselves, but combining them is even better. I've been getting stronger with the Gains, crushing workouts with the Hype, and I just toss a scoop of those Greens in a fruit smoothie and they mix well. Overall I've been getting stronger taking these 3 togethr

Nice work Cam! Keep on hittin those PR's and smashing your workouts!