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The Ultimate Preworkout Stack

Pure Hype Flavor
Pure Swole Flavor
  • Get the best of both worlds with The Ultimate Preworkout Stack.

    You may be wondering "Why do I need BOTH a high stim and a non-stim preworkout?" Excellent question!

    Having both preworkouts gives you the freedom to choose which one you'd like to use on a particular day. You can base your choice on how you're feeling and what body part you're targeting.

    On those training days where you didn't get much sleep the night before, or you just don't feel like working out, Pure Hype can give you the motivation & energy you need to push through and have an amazing workout.

    While Pure Swole is a great option for days you feel fully rested, or are lifting in the evening and don't want stimulants keeping you up afterward.

    Switching between a high stim & non-stim preworkout is a great way to avoid building up a tolerance to a high stim preworkout, which will gradually happen over time if you use it every day.

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  • Pure Hype High Stim Preworkout Nutrition Facts

    Pure Swole Non Stim Preworkout Supplement Facts

Customer Reviews

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Saves me some money

I was already using the Hype and Swole and love them both. Buying them as this stack saves me 5 bucks so thanks for putting it together guys!

Diggin this stack!

Some days I lift early, and some days when I'm extra busy I'll lift later at night. So I'll use the Hype in the mornings, and when I lift at night I'll use the Swole instead. Either way, I usually get an insane workout in!