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Remember the days when we could jump out of bed and hit the road within a matter of moments? It would literally only take a minute or two and then we could be out the door going to work, doing some training, or one of our many hobbies. 

However, if you are slowly getting up there in age, those days may have already passed. You can go to bed feeling relatively healthy and then wake up in the morning walking with a limp. What is the deal with that? Did the aliens come and get you during the night and bang your knee with a hammer?

Unfortunately, this is just one of the normal signs of aging. But you don’t have to lay back and simply go without a fight. There are supplements you can take that will combat many of these symptoms and leave you feeling younger once again. 

Get Rid Of The Joint Pain

As we continue to do strength training, it can take a toll over time on our joints. And when you throw in the usual joint pain and arthritis issues as we age, walking around like the Tin Man screaming for oil could be a real thing for many of us. 

Still, with a few common supplements that you can get over the counter, you will be able to move around much easier. By taking a daily glucosamine supplement and a chondroitin supplement, your joints will be thanking you. As you age, the amount of cartilage in your joints decreases. Think of cartilage as cushions between your bones. No cushion means bone on bone. Not a pleasant thought. Invest in joint supplements and you can start to generate more cartilage. This will provide some of the relief you are looking for!

Nitric Oxide Booster

Available over the counter as well, a solid nitric oxide booster will have your blood flowing much more easily around your body. It will relax and widen your blood vessels and that brings on such benefits as lowering blood pressure, carrying more nutrients around the body, and will give you a boost in energy. 

If you have never taken one before, a nitric oxide booster will provide you a pump like you would get at the gym after ten minutes. Your blood vessels pop out a little more and it seems like you just got done weightlifting a bit. And if you want a little extra boost in the bedroom, it will provide that as well. Think of it as a low-key Cialis or Viagra. They work pretty much in a similar fashion. Our high stim preworkout, Pure Hype, has some nitric oxide boosting ingredients in it so you can reap the benefits from training even after you leave the gym!

Stock Up On Protein Shakes

Once a man hits 30 years old, their muscle mass gradually decreases. Men can lose five to ten percent of their muscle mass every decade after 30. To combat it, we have to attack our strength training more often and also consume an adequate amount of protein on a daily basis. Half a gram to a gram of protein per pound of body weight should help you keep much of your muscle mass if you do it the right way. This means that if you weigh 200 pounds, take in 100 to 200 grams of quality protein a day. If you train hard on a regular basis, I'd recommend striving for the upper end of this spectrum to help with recovery and muscle growth. If you can’t do it through diet alone, protein shakes sure will help!


A Well-Balanced Greens Powder

If you're busy and on-the-go a lot, hitting your daily nutrients can be tricky. This doesn't just include your macronutrients (like the protein we mentioned above), it also includes your micronutrients! Invest in a greens powder to help you hit these daily nutrients so your body can perform at its optimal levels. Greens supplements are readily available in both capsule and powder form, so choose whichever one fits into your lifestyle. I recommend our Pure Super Greens, which is a powder made of greens AND fruits, so you're getting a well balanced formula that tastes delicious. Toss in a scoop with your favorite smoothie recipe, or simply mix it with water. Either way, you're still getting those micronutrients!

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