How To Get Better At Pullups: 6 Training Techniques

Just like with any other exercise, practice makes perfect. There are numerous back exercises you can do with barbells, cables, and dumbbells to help you improve your back strength, but today we're focusing on some specific pull-up training techniques.

These 6 exercises can help you build strength, improve your form, and work on some technical aspects of doing pull-ups.

These exercises can help you build up to doing your very first pull-up. Or if you can hit 20+ pull-ups already, these are good training tools for dropsets, burnouts, or supersets.



1.) Bar Dead Hangs

Break out a timer and see how long you can hold on before your grip gives out. You can do this underhand as well to help with your chinups.

2.) Jumping Pullups

Use a lower bar, or put a STURDY box under a pullup bar. Adjust how hard you jump to make it easier or harder to do the pullup. The harder you jump, the easier the pullup will be.

3.) Band Assisted Pullups

Get a thick band and wrap it around the bar. Put 1 (or both) feet into the band and begin your pullups. It'll assist you more at the bottom when the tension is the highest, and you'll be doing most of the work as you get to the top of the rep.

4.) Partner Assisted Pullups

Talk with your partner beforehand to let them know how much assistance you'd like. You can start off by having them barely lift you up, and have them assist more and more until you get fatigued. Have them let go before your grip gives out to avoid face planting.

5.) Inverted Rows

Use a squat rack or smith machine for these. Start with the bar lower to the ground, and slowly raise it up until you're closer to being vertical. Bring your legs in closer to make it easier, and further to make it harder.

6.) Negative Pullups

Use a lower bar, or put a STURDY box under a pullup bar. Jump up, hold yourself above the bar for a few seconds, and then slowly lower yourself down. At the bottom of the rep put your feet on the box, stand back up and repeat.

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