Quick Arm Day Supersets

Want an insane arm pump, but you've only got 30 minutes to get it in?

When this happens to me, I like doing supersets with the same weight and equipment to cut down on my time between exercises. For example; doing deadlifts + rows with the same barbell, shrugs + overhead press with the same dumbbells, etc.

Here are some quick arm day supersets to target your biceps & triceps, and have you busting out of those sleeves!

Superset 1: Plate Curls + Tricep Extensions

Superset 2: Close Grip Bench + Straight Bar Curls

Superset 3: Incline Skull Crushers + Reverse Grip Curls

Superset 4: Bench Dips + Cheat Curls

Superset 5: Tricep Kickbacks + 1 Arm Curls


And if you need a preworkout to get your blood pumping before you take on these supersets, you can click here to see our 3 preworkout options!

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