30 Day Dumbbell Workout Challenge

Free 30 Day Workout Challenge

It's time to take your workouts up a notch and level up your physique.
Workout side by side with me as we take on this 30 Day Dumbbell Challenge together.

Each workout is follow along style, so all you have to do is hit play each day and get after it.

You can do these videos almost any where (no gym needed).You'll only need 2 things for this challenge...
1. A set of dumbbells, (I use 25's)
2. The commitment to make it through all 30 days
If you're ready to take on the challenge, click the link below to start your first workout.
Scroll down to get the FREE PDF so you can cross off your workouts as you make your way through! 

Day 1: Legs + Abs


Don't Forget To Download The PDF