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Pure Cut Videos

Drone Delivery Now Available!

1 min read

You may qualify to get your supplements delivered via drone!

Check out this video below breaking down the process, and make sure you watch the whole thing to see if you qualify

Switch Up Your Workouts

1 min read

Tired of the same old workout routine? After lifting for awhile you want to switch things up to target new muscles and break your PR's. Check out these fun ways to switch up your workouts that'll have you loving every gym session!

The Cutout Diet

1 min read

One thing I hate about diets is the need to track every calorie, meal, and macro consumed. That's why I came up with a few simple rules to follow to help you lose weight. So here's the diet that I follow on a regular basis to help me stay on track! 

Tik Tok Workout Challenges

1 min read

I took on a few different challenges I found on Tik Tok. Tune in to see how many I could do, and how many I completely failed!