The Rep Your Bodyweight Challenge

The Rep Your Bodyweight Challenge

The Rep Your Bodyweight Challenge

Complete A Max Set Of Your Bodyweight For The Following Exercises




Hop on a scale, because today you'll be hitting your bodyweight for each of these exercises! Your total score is the total number of reps you do. Round up your weight to the nearest 5 pound mark, so if you weigh 181 lbs, that means you're lifting 185 lbs.

You'll put 185 on a barbell, and you get 1 max set for each of these exercises. Take as much time as you need to warm up, and take as much rest as your need between exercises.

Really grind out every set, hitting just 1 extra rep during each one will give you 4 extra points as the end!

Let's say you hit...

Squats: 20 reps
Deads: 15 reps
Bench: 10 reps 
Bent Over Row: 5 reps

Your total score would be 50 points!

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