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The 10 Minute Max Out Challenge

What You'll Need:

- A timer

- Pull-up bar

- Dumbbells (I recommend a 25 lb pair)

- A bench

- Some way to write down your reps (note pad, on your phone, whiteboard)

The Rules For The Challenge:

Set up a timer to beep every minute. You'll be performing a different exercise each minute, with no rest in between. So this is an all-out 10 minute sprint.

Complete as many reps of each exercise in that minute, and move onto the next exercise when your timer beeps. The most reps you're allowed to hit in 1 minute is 50, if you get to 50 reps  (which is really hard to do) then rest until that minute is over.

Add up your total points at the end to get your total score

The 10 Exercises:

1- Push Ups
2- Air Squat Jumps (have something about 6 inches above your reach, your rep only counts if you hit that with your hands)
3- Pull Ups
4- Dumbbell Shoulder Press
5- Dumbbell Deadlifts
6- Russian Twists
7- Burpees
8- Situps
9- Bench Hops (hands on the bench, hop your feet over and back for 1 rep)
10- Mountain Climbers (1 rep is when both knees have come forward. So 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, etc)

At the end of the 10 minutes, add up the total number of reps you got, and that's your score!


Bonus Tips:

- Do a few reps of each movement to warm up before you start the challenge

- Don't try to keep track in your head, definitely write down the number for each set

- Set up your station beforehand, so you're not scrambling to find dumbbells or get a bench to hop over

- Have an easy way to see your 10 exercises, so you can get ready for the next one



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