Pure Cut Supps Product Launch Update: May Edition

Pure Cut Supps Product Launch Update: May Edition

In our last product launch update, we gave you some info on this huge release we've been working on since the start of 2020. As promised, I'm keeping you updated on any new progress we have!

Due to COVID we faced a couple of delays with production being shut down. We now have the labels are finalized, printed, and it's time for the next step. With labels in hand, we can now start the actually manufacturing of the formulas, and getting them bottled up and ready to launch!

With multiple products, it'll take slightly longer than usual to get everything made and ready to ship. But we're still optimistic that we can get things ready to launch early June!

The Inside Scoop...

Here's a little more info on what you can expect with this upcoming launch:

  • New supplements
  • Exciting (and delicious) new flavors
  • A revised pump product formula, based on your feedback
  • A preworkout designed for cardio + high-intensity workout
  • Something to mix with your fruit & veggie smoothies

Last Chance Sale...

We're clearing out some of our current inventory to make room for these new supplements. So you can use the code "LASTCHANCE" to get 15% off any of our supplements. 

The First Look At Some Of The New Labels...

Pure Cut Supplements creatine supplement
Some of you mentioned that you prefer sour flavors instead of sweet ones, so we made that happen!

New non stim preworkout from Pure Cut Supplements
We always use the purest ingredients, provide you with fully transparent labels, and add in ZERO fillers to our supplements.

Pure Cut Supps new products and supplements
I think you might be able to figure this one out! This product will help improve endurance in the gym, and help you pack on muscle mass!

Pure Cut Supps fat burning preworkout. Fat burner.
Those cardio workouts will never be the same. This supplement is going to full those intense workouts, so get ready to sweat!


Whether you've been with us since 2016 when we first started (and had those ugly silver tubs), or you just heard about us, thank you for allowing us to help you hit your fitness goals, and crush PR's every workout.

And thank you for being patient as we get these products finalized and ready to launch, you're gonna LOVE EM!

- Nick Flint, aka The Cardio Killa 🔥


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