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How To Do This Challenge:


What you'll need:

- A jump rope

- A pull-up bar

This challenge requires a little focus, and a lot of cardiovascular endurance. Start a timer, and then start jumping rope. Every time the rope passes under your feet, that's a rep.

1, 2, 3, 4, etc...

Keep going until you mess up. Every time you mess up, you have to hit 10 pull-ups before you start jumping again. You could make it all the way from 0 to 1,000 if you're a jump rope master. Butttt, the chances are you'll mess up a few times and have to hit 10 pull-ups every time as your punishment.

Keep going until you get to 1,000 jumps, and then you can stop the timer.


- Jump near the pull-up bar so you can have a quick transition when you mess up

- When you come off of the pull-ups, take a quick break to breath/steady yourself before jumping again. It's always a bummer if you only hit 4-5 jumps before messing up, then you've got 10 more pull-ups to hit!

- When I count to 1,000 I like to count to 100, 10 times. So once I get to 100, I'll call out "ONE HUNDRED" and then start counting from 1 again until I hit 200. This just makes counting in your head easier.

- Find a friend to do this challenge with! It's always funny when 1 person pulls ahead, and then messes up a few times in a row and has to keep hitting pull-ups while they fall behind.

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