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February 20, 2020 2 min read

Let's break down some of the fittest folks to ever reside in the oval office!

This list is in no particular order, and if I missed someone my baddd, I got a C in US History so what do you expect? ๐Ÿ˜…

1.) George Washington

Here's how a fellow soldier described him: "measuring 6'2, and weighing 175 pounds. His frame is padded with well-developed muscles, indicating great strength. He is wide shouldered but has not a deep or round chest; is neat waisted, but is broad across the hips and has rather long legs and arms." His time as an officer also give him next level endurance, including powering through 12 hour battles while on horseback.

2.) Gerald Ford

Ole Gerald was a high caliber athlete. At Michigan, he was the starting center on two undefeated national-championship teams, and was offered contracts to play pro football by the Packers and Lions. He hit a hole in one in a pro-am golf tournament a in 1977, and lived to the ripe old age of 93.

3.) Barack Obama

You've probably seen some vids of him playing ball, tha man has a mean jump shot. But did you know he can also rep 200+ for his bench press? I know, it's not an insane number, but still solid for a guy in his 50's.

4.) Theodore Roosevelt

Through shear will power, Teddy went from being a sickly, asthmatic kid, to a rower and boxer at Harvard, a rancher, a big-game hunter, and an accomplished naturalist. He set up a boxing ring in the White House, sparred with men half his age, and only quit when he was blinded in one eye by a punch. Oh, and he even had a brown belt in Judo. KEEEYAHHH!

5.) George W Bush

This marathon had a treadmill installed in Air Force One (yes, the plane) so he could run while flying. The reasons for why he loves running so much? "First, it helps me sleep at night. Second it keeps me disciplined. It also breaks up my day and allows me to recharge my batteries."

6.) Ronald Reagan

He played football and was captain of the swim team at Eureka College. And as a teenager, he rescued 77 people while on his lifeguard shifts. What makes his unique is the guy actually lifted. Here's how he describes his workout routine. โ€œThe trick to keeping the exercises brief but effective is to increase the weights rather than the repetitions.โ€
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