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You may have heard of a hybrid car, or a hybrid club in golf, but have you ever heard of hybrid workouts?

Hybrid Workouts Hybrid Exercises 

What Are Hybrid Exercises?

Hybrid workouts, which are comprised of hybrid exercises, are a way to COMBINE multiple movements into one rep. One movement flows into the next, and allows you to work more muscles at once. 

They're awesome because you're hitting more muscle groups in a shorter amount of time. It's a great combination of strength + endurance, and these movements will have you feeling a new type of sore you haven't felt in years!

There are supersets, but that's when you're hitting 2 movements back to back. With hybrid workouts, you're combining 2+ movements into on fluid rep. 

So if you you're ever short on time but want to work more muscles, burn more fat, and push yourself, you need to include Hybrid Exercises into your workouts!

Full body hybrid exercises and workouts

What Are The Benefits of Hybrid Exercises?

I love my longer 2 hour strength workouts, but let's face it... ee're often to busy to cut out a 2 hour chunk of our day to hit a workout.

That is where these Hybrid Exercises can come into play!

Hybrid Exercises Allow You To…

  • Work out a variety of muscles groups in a short amount of time.
  • Help increase the intensity so you're able to burn more calories during that workout.
  • Move you in every plane of motion, helping target muscles traditional movements sometimes neglect.
  • Build functional strength, and make you a fitness warrior.
  • Increase your cardiovascular endurance through the use of interval training
  • Build full body strength WHILE you even target weaker areas and muscle groups.
  • Get an hour worth of workouts in just 30 minutes.

8 Hybrid Exercises

Below is link to some hybrid exercises we put together for you.

These are intense, and you'll be feeling the burn after just a few reps.



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