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The Mile of Doom

What You'll Need:

- An app to track your running distance


The Rules For The Challenge:


The Mile of Doom may sound dramatic, but this challenge is perfectly named. To complete this challenge, you'll do 100 burpees in 1 mile. Download some sort of app to track your distance (I use a free one called MapMyRun). Hit start and do 10 burpees, then run .1 miles.

Do 10 burpees every .1 miles, and at the end you'll have 1 mile and 100 burpees done. This is a serious cardio challenge, so get ready to sweat!


Bonus Tips:

- Do a quick warmup run and a few burpees to get ready for the challenge

- Try to keep a steady pace, don't burn yourself out too early!

- Try to do each set of 10 burpees straight without stopping, once you start taking breaks, that's when the time adds up!

- Click on the pic below to download the free app to track your distance


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