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30 Minute Full Body Landmine Workout

Looking to get in a full body workout that'll leave you dripping in sweat? Oh, and did I mention it'll only take you 30 minutes ⏲️

If this sounds like your cup of tea (or cup of preworkout), I recommend grabbing a landmine and setting a timer. Landmine exercises and workouts are great because they target some unique muscles, they're efficient, and it's a great combo of aerobic and anaerobic movements!

So I filmed 8 kickass landmine exercises that you can try out for your next workout. Below are the instructions on how to turn these into a full workout.

Making Your Own Landmine Workout:

- Pick your 5 favorite exercises

- Hit 4 sets of each

- 1 minute on/30 seconds off

That'll give you 30 total minutes of fast, intense reps. If you want to make it longer, just add on a 5th or 6th set of each movement.


Exercises From The Video:

  • Chest Fly Rollouts
  • Side Lunges Side-To-Side
  • Single Leg 1 Arm Rows
  • Jump Squat Deadlifts
  • 1 Arm Lateral Raises
  • Calf Raises
  • Push-Up Rows
  • 1 Arm Straight Leg Deadlifts

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