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8 Best Landmine Exercises

Landmine workouts are just downright fun. If your gym has a landmine, you should take advantage of it. A landmine is a barbell mounted on one side, and you load the weight on the other side.

It's versatile, it's effective, and it'll whoop your ass into shape in no time. The instability of the landmine means you have to engage your core and use some muscles you don't normally target. The instability also increases functional strength and will improve your athletic performance.

So I filmed 8 of my favorite landmine exercises for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Here's the workout:

- Pick your 5 favorite exercises

- Hit 4 sets of each

- 1 minute on/30 seconds off

That'll be 30 minutes total of sweating, grunting, huffin, puffin, and maybe even some moaning (if you're doin it right) 😉 


Exercises From The Video:

  • Front Squat + Knee Raise
  • Kneeling 1 Arm Press
  • Chest Press + Leg Raise
  • Deadlift + Bent Over Row
  • Landmine Burpees
  • Overhead Reverse Lunge
  • Landmine Twist
  • Pull + Press

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