8 Intense Hybrid Exercises

What are Hybrid Exercises?

They're basically a way to combine multiple movements into one fluid rep. One motion flows into the next, and you'll be feeling the burn after just a couple of reps.

Here's some of my favorite hybrid exercises. Add them into your workouts, or set aside a day of the week to do a full hybrid workout.

Enjoy, and don't hate me when you're extra sore tomorrow 😅 

8 Hybrid Exercises

  • Burpee / Pullup / Toe To Bar
  • Ski Hop / Pushup
  • Plank Taps / Bird Dog
  • Lunge / Burpee / Broad Jump
  • Superman / Situp / Pushup / Leg Raise
  • Situp / Bridge / Knee Tuck
  • Pushup / Mountain Climber / Sphinx Stretch
  • Upper-Lower Plank Jacks
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