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Home Workouts With No Equipment

Remember the freshman 15 everyone warned you about? Well now it's the quarantine 15 we're all trying to avoid!

I put together some workouts you can do with minimal equipment at home. Working out is a great way to relieve stress and I know we're all stressed out during this crazy time! 

Here's some tips for your at home workouts:

- Set up an interval timer to keep from getting distracted

- Write out the workout beforehand, and don't stop until you hit everything you planned for yourself

- Follow along with a Youtube workout

- Make a makeshift dumbbell by putting anything heavy into a backpack, or by curling some gallon jugs

- Find some new PR's to measure (most pushups in a set, longest wall sit, etc.)

- Take this break to work on any weak points you may have. Stretch more, rehab an injury, catch up a lagging muscle group, or get outside and hit some cardio!

And finally... stay safe! We'll all get through this together!

- Nick Flint, CEO

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