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Pure Swole // Non Stim Preworkout

Pure Swole // Non Stim Preworkout

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Made In the USA NSF and GMP certified facilities
Premium Quality No proprietary blends

WARNING: Preworkout Tingles Will Occur, You'll FEEL This Pre Kicking In!

Are you looking for insane workouts without the stimulants? Pure Swole will deliver those skin splitting pumps you crave, and will have you dialed in even during the toughest workouts.

The formula is potent, and the lemon drop flavor tastes amazing. Pure Swole should be an essential part of any supplement stack. 

✅  An increase in power and endurance

✅  Insane blood flow and long-lasting pumps

✅  Increase mental focus and optimize the mind-muscle connection

For all of our products, we offer a 100% transparent formula, so you know exactly what you’re getting with each serving. These handpicked ingredients were selected because they increase the amount of nitric oxide going to the muscles, enhance focus, improve endurance, and help you gain lean muscle mass.

Picture this; you mix up a scoop of Pure Swole in your shaker and head to the gym. You get to the gym ready to tear up a workout, hit a few warmup sets, and then it’s time to get to business. You will notice the added focus and strength making you hitting more reps, with more weight, for more sets. Expect to feel an increase in speed, power output, and overall intensity during your workouts. But the formula doesn’t just stop working when your workout is over.

Pure Swole will give you that “pumped feeling” even after you leave the gym, which doesn't just look good, it also assists in the recovery process. The added blood flow reduces muscle fatigue post-workout, and will reduce the overall feeling of soreness. The extra blood will also bring the proper nutrients and hydration to your muscles need to recover after performing at a higher level for longer.

You deserve to know exactly what’s in the products you’re using. So our transparent formula includes...

🧬  6000mg of citrulline malate

🧬  3200mg of beta alanine

🧬  2000mg of Taurine

🧬  And more intense ingredients!

 Order A Tub Now To Experience The Best Non-Stim Pre On The Market


Citrulline Malate (2:1)- 6000 mg

Citrulline malate raises nitric oxide levels in the body by increasing your levels of l-arginine, which provides better pumps & improved oxygen delivery. This increased blood flow improves overall training performance by reducing muscular fatigue both during and after exercise. Citrulline malate reduces post workout muscle soreness, which can improve recovery time between workouts, and allow you to get back in the gym sooner.

Beta Alanine- 3200 mg

You know that “tingling” feeling you get after taking some preworkouts? Beta alanine is the ingredient you can thank for that. You get this feeling because beta alanine dilates your blood vessels which allows more blood to flow to your muscles. This is why you may notice a more vascular appearance after you consume Pure Swole and start working out. Beta alanine has been shown to increase muscular strength and power output, which leads to bigger lifts and a more sculpted physique. Beta alanine can help you improve both your anaerobic and aerobic endurance, making you a more all-around athlete and a healthier individual.

Betaine Anhydrous- 3000 mg

Numerous studies have shown that betaine can improve BOTH strength and power, which is useful no matter what you’re training for. The most critical reaction where betaine performs this function is in the methylation of the amino acid homocysteine to form methionine. Methionine is important in the body's internal synthesis of creatine. So one way that betaine may boost muscle strength and size is by increasing creatine production in the body.

Taurine- 2000 mg

Taurine is an amino acid found in meat, fish, and dairy. Unlike other amino acids, taurine does not work to build proteins and muscle, but it does play an important role in cell health, hydration, digestion, and more. Taurine is a natural antioxidant, working to reduce free-radical damage to the body and regulate the immune system. Taurine may also benefit heart health, boost energy, and improve your performance in the gym. Research suggests taurine supplementation has a beneficial effect on the heart as well. Scientists believe it helps maintain healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and could reduce stress by calming the central nervous system.

Glycerex™ (Std. Min. 65% Glycerol) - 1500 mg

Glycerex is a highly-concentrated, stable form of powdered glycerol. Similar to how citrulline and agmatine dilate blood vessels, glycerol also fills them with nutrient and oxygen-rich fluid. Glycerex is easily absorbed into intracellular space, pulling water into blood vessels and muscle tissue. This hydration can improve endurance by helping the body withstand stress from heat and humidity.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine- 600 mg

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is reported to promote cognitive function, focus, and attention. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine works by affecting important neurotransmitters, pathways, and hormones. It is converted into melanin which benefits your overall brain function. For athletes, this means better focus in the gym, improved memory, and increased mood.

Pine Bark Extract 95%- 150 mg

Pine bark is an important antioxidant for heart and immune health. It contains complex antioxidant plant compounds known as proanthocyanidins, which benefit the cardiovascular system. Pine bark contains free radical scavengers that help the body reduce the effects of oxidation. It is rich in compounds known as oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs).

Astragin™- 50 mg

AstraGin works by increasing the number of specific compounds and nutrients your body is able to absorb at a single time. Astragin does this by increasing the number of specialized molecules that are responsible for the absorption of critical nutrients and ingested compounds. Studies have revealed that the availability of specific compounds known to enhance training performance, like amino acids, vitamins and proteins, are improved for a higher rate of uptake. Specifically, the absorption of the amino acids arginine, lysine, citrulline and histidine have all been shown to improve in the presence of Astragin by up to 43%, while also showing to repair the health of intestinal walls, where absorption of nutrients takes place.

S7™- 50 mg

S7™ is a blend of seven plant-based ingredients that have been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide levels by 230%. It’s a clinically researched plant-based sports nutrition ingredient that triggers the best kind of nitric oxide production - your body's own internal nitric oxide. The increased production aids an athlete by delivering more oxygen, fuel, and other key nutrients to targeted muscles during workouts.