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If you want to learn more about our Pure Super Greens, and see what our customers have to say about them, you can click here.

The short version is they're a greens AND fruit powder, so the flavor from the fruit helps make these delicious!


Our Pure Super Greens are made from:

✅  Kale
✅  Broccoli
✅  Spinach
✅  Cranberries
✅  Apples
✅  Blueberries


How To Take Pure Super Greens:

I recommend 2 different options for getting in your daily dose of Super Greens.

1- Mix it with 20 oz our water. It still tastes amazing, and is a super quick way to help you hit your micronutrients for the day.

2- Toss a scoop in your favorite smoothie recipe. Throw in some berries, greens, a banana, or anything else you'd normally use for your smoothies!


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